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Preliminary Schedule

Thursday, June 12, 2014 - Young Scholar Workshop (Details see here.)


6:00-7:00                    Welcome Reception - Behavioral Operations Conference       Seminargebäude


Friday, June 13, 2014 - Conference


8:45WelcomeTagungsraum 004
9:00Keynote 1 - Jacob GoereeTagungsraum 004
10:00Coffee Break
10:30-12:00Session 1 - Healthcare and Humanitarian SCMTagungsraum 004

Qiang Guo - Behavioral Operations Research in Advancing Emergency Logistics Planning in Natural Disasters

Andreas Fügener - Overutilization and Underutilization of Operating Rooms - Insights from Behavioral Health Care Operations Management

Mirko Kremer - Diagnostic accuracy under congestion

1:00-2:30Session 2 - Field Experiments and Empirical StudiesTagungsraum 004

Anna-Lena Sachs - Empirical Newsvendor Decisions under a Service Level Contract

Dirk Sliwka - Multitasking and the Benefits of Objective Performance Measurement - Evidence from a Field Experiment

René de Koster - Aligning order picking methods, tools, incentives and people for performance: Making the right pick

2:30Coffee Break
3:00Keynote 2 - Michael KramarschTagungsraum 004
4:00Coffee Break
4:30-6:00Session 3 - Inventory ManagementTagungsraum 004

Yaozhong Wu - The Bright and Dark Sides of Perception Biases in Inventory Decisions

Basak Kalkanci - Bounded Rationality in Supply Chain Interactions

Guido Vogt - Strategic inventory and supply chain behavior

6:30Guided tour
8:00Conference DinnerBrauhaus Früh



Saturday, June 14, 2014 - Conference


8:30Registration and Coffee
9:00-10:30Session 4 - Parallel SessionRooms S11 + S21    

Michaela Schippers - Team Reflexivity and Regulatory Focus can enhance Sales and Operations Planning Effectiveness: Evidence from a Business Simulation

Yun Shin Lee - Correlation between consumer's perceived evaluation of the supply chain partners

Andreas Matzke - Upgrade auctions in build-to-order automobile production with loss-averse customers

Stefanie Protzner - Negotiated Demand Forecasts: Effects of Managerial Role, Agent Type and Social Value Orientation

Fabian Sting - How (and When) to Encourage Cooperation in Project Portfolios

Murat Kaya - Experiments on Supply Chain Contracting: Effects of Contract Type, Existing Contract and Contract Duration

Timo Heinrich - Promises and Social Distance in Buyer-Determined Procurement Auctions

Anna Devlin - The Effects of Contract type on Retailer Product Choice

10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:00Keynote 3 - Wilhelm HofmannTagungsraum 004
1:00-2:30Session 5 - Social PreferencesTagungsraum 004

Jason Shachat - Pure Reciprocity under Alternative Procurement Mechanisms

Andreas Brinkhoff - All You Need Is Trust? An Examination of Interorganizational Supply Chain Projects

Ye?im Orhun - Reciprocating to Strategically Motivated Kindness

2:30-3:00Coffee Break
3:00-4:30Session 6 - Supply Chains and Behavioral AnomaliesTagungsraum 004

Stephen Leider - Bargaining in Supply Chains

Brent Moritz - Decision Making and Cognition in Multi-Echelon Supply Chains: An Experimental Study

Anton Ovchinnikov - Behavioral Anomalies in Consumer Wait-or-Buy Decisions and Their Implications for Markdown Management

4:30Concluding RemarksTagungsraum 004
5:00Conference Close